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Digital Collection Days

A ‘Digital Collection Day’ is an event where members of the public are invited to bring their First World War stories and memorabilia to a nearby community area - such as a village hall, community centre, school or library - where trained volunteers are on hand to record stories and digitise any objects. Those who participate in a LWF Digital Collection Day might choose to share their photographs, diaries, letters, mementos or personal memories from the time of the war. Whilst any contribution is appreciated, we also welcome those who wish to come simply to listen and learn. After a Digital Collection Day, any stories or objects which are recorded are uploaded to the Lest We Forget archive which, from November of 2018, will be freely available on the Lest We Forget website, and on the Europeana 1914-1918 site.

To see what a Digital Collection Day looks like here:

To see our training slides (11mins) on Organising a Digital Collection Day see:

Can YOU organise a Digital Collection Day?

By organising or volunteering at a Digital Collection Day, you can: 
  • provide an opportunity for members of the community to share their stories;
  • bring together members of a community, young and old;
  • preserve important heritage under threat of disappearing;
  • encourage interest in First World War history and heritage; 
  • support re-use of the collected material for educational or research purposes;
  • promote a local organisation and/or venue.

What happens at a Digital Collection Day?

Each event will be unique, since the people who attend will bring their personal stories and objects. Generally, however, a Digital Collection Day is a large-scale, public (often one-day) event. The normal workflow at a Digtial Collection Day is: 
  1. Visitor arrives and is introduced to the process for contributing;
  2. Visitor speaks to an interviewer who records the story and information about any objects that have been brought. The interviewer may offer information about the objects;
  3. The objects are digitised (photographed or scanned) and then returned to the visitor;
  4. The story, object information and digital images are uploaded to the Lest We Forget website (this often happens after the event in the following days).

How can my school, organisation, or group, organise its own Digital Collection Day?

Anyone can run a Digital Collection Day! With a venue, some equipment, and a handful of hardworking team members, it won't be difficult to get the ball rolling. First, check out the following documents and download our Introductory Guide, which is designed to introduce you and your organisation to the basic elements of organising and planning a Digital Collection Day. If after reading the guide, you would like further information, and/or would like to begin the process, please contact the Lest We Forget Team. We will be delighted to provide you with our detailed 'Training Pack' and to answer any questions you may have. THANK YOU. With your help, we can save the memories, stories, and objects of the First World War for future generations.
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Download an Introductory Guide or view a Training Powerpoint Presentation here:  


Introductory Guide:
Training Powerpoints:

Are you a Teacher? We also have several helpful documents for you and your school here:

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Publicity materials, including posters, flyers and branding graphics, are available for free download here: 


Available support

If you are interested in holding a Digital Collection Day, please contact We provide support and training for the Lest We Forget project and are happy to answer questions, offer advice and support, and point you to further documentation and guides. The Lest We Forget project can promote Digital Collection Days and events which use the Lest We Forget site to add to the growing, multi-national collection of First World War memorabilia and stories.


Digital Collection Day at King's High Warwick on 9 June

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