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Donate to Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget is entirely funded through donations by individuals and charities. If you wish to help support this project you can make your donation in one of two ways:

Donate here via the University's 'Just Giving' site;

Or contact us directly at

Your donation will help us safeguard the memory of World War One, and honour the sacrifice made by the millions of men, women and children whose lives were upended or tragically cut short during the conflict.


Three office workers employed during war

For every:

£25 we can create, print, and mail out a training pack, providing step-by-step instructions and advice on how to run a local community Digital Collection Day;

£150 we can gift a Portable Digitisation Studio to a community group or school;

£200 we can buy and loan a high-speed flat-bed scanner;

£300 we can buy and loan a digital camera;

£400 we can buy and loan a laptop to assist with cataloguing and image processing;

£1,500 we can create a complete off-the-shelf digitisation kit (2 lightboxes, 2 background material, snake weights, 2 umbrella lights, 2 digital cameras, and 1 flatbed scanner, plus delivery) OR run a training day in Oxford for digital champions, training 10-15 people to run a Digital Collection Day;

£2,500 we can run a training day elsewhere in the country training 10-15 digital champions AND run a Digital collection Day in the region.