Edith Elizabeth Taylor

photograph of edith elizabeth taylor

Edith Elizabeth Taylor, 1869-1917

Taylor is remembered by W. Krul.

The following was published in the Yorkshire Evening Post on 8 June 1917 regarding her death:


A Scarborough Red Cross Nurse, Miss Edith E. Taylor, daughter of the late John William Taylor and Mrs. Taylor, Rothsay House, Prince of Wales Terrace, who died of septic pneumonia contracted from a patient whilst she was in charge of a military hospital at Scarborough, was accorded military honours at her funeral, which took place at Scarborough this afternoon. The coffin was covered with a Union Jack, and was borne by a number of soldiers. Officers and non-commissioned officers of the different branches of His Majesty’s forces were represented, as well as sections of the Red Cross, the St. John Nursing Division, and the St. John Ambulance Division. A fully choral service was held at St. Martin’s Church, the officiating clergy being the Rev. St. Clair Topper, vicar, and the Rev. Cecil Cooper, vicar of Scarborough. Like her father, who was formerly Medical Officer of Health for Scarborough, deceased practically died in harness. (Yorkshire Evening Post, 8 June 1917)