James Allan

james allan

James Allan, 1888-1950

James Allan, an immigrant from Belfast, joined the American Red Cross in 1915 and was inducted into federal service in 1917. He served at Chemin des Dames, Bois Brule (Apremont), Jury Woods, the 2nd Battle of the Marne (18 July-4 August 1918), the St Mihiel Offensive (Les Éparges), and the Battle of the Meuse (Bois d'Haumont, Bois d'Ormont, Bois Belleau).  On 10 May 1918, he was gassed at Bois Brule (Apremont) and was subsequently awarded the Purple Heart.

J. Potter dedicates this plaque to him:


Remembering James 'Dada Jim' Allan.